Chelsea Gardens Card Kits - SOLD OUT

Well hello everyone! 

Happy 2018! I am starting the year off with a bang and have created several different kits already. Today's kit is all about my cardmaking peeps. I've been playing with the Chelsea Gardens papers and thin cuts bundle and have come up with a very pretty 12 card kit for you.

As most of you know, my kits do come pre-cut, pre-stamped and ready to assemble. However, if there is coloring involved, you will need to do that. 

For this particular kit, there is coloring involved. I used our Watercolor Pencils to achieve the variation in colors I liked and then blended them together with the Shimmer Brush instead of a waterbrush. The pictures do not do it justice... the amount of shimmer and shine on these cards is amazing. So... if you don't have those 2 items, you probably will want to invest in them because they really will take your cards over the top. AND, if you do, I will reduce the price of your card kit from $21 to $15! Who doesn't love a deal.

So what will you receive?
  • 12 Card Bases + 12 Envelopes
  • Cardstock & Background Paper pre-cut for all 12 Cards
  • All images pre-stamped and die-cut
  • Embellishments needed for each card (Ribbon, Gems and Sparkles)
  • Color Photo Instructions for each card



  1. Hi! Are the watercolor pencils discontinued? I'm not finding them in the catalog.

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