Virtual Palooza Events

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to my blog! 

I am VERY excited to tell you about a virtual monthly event I have been hosting with my two Close To My Heart besties, Dana Swadling ad Holly Veselenak since May, 2020.

 When the pandemic first began back in March of 2020, the 3 of us decided to bring our regular monthly classes online, AND to do them together as one larger event. We call them our Palooza Events.... and we've been going strong EVERY month since then. We have a lot of fun and would love for you to join us. 

So what is a Palooza Event? 

It is a virtual event hosted by us, on Facebook, over the course of 2 days each month. 

It is full of classes, extra fun tutorials, games and prizes!

Each class is taught by pre-recorded video and posted live to follow the event agenda. We learned that this option was much better than Live videos for our crafty peeps because: 

  1. We have control of the content. You do NOT have to worry about the videos disappearing as its hosted on our computers and You Tube account.  We are not at the mercy of whatever Facebook decides to do. The classes will always be accessible.
  2. We KNOW life gets busy and you can't always attend when it's live. With video, you can join at your own leisure, and even weeks or months after the actual event has happened. 
  3. We KNOW that many times our crafty peeps will purchase supplies for an event after the event has happened.... we STILL want them to be able to join the group and access ALL of our classes. 

What do you teach?

All 3 of us bring a different flair to the event. 

I teach my signature 8 page Scrapbook Kits that focus on fundamentally scrapbooking beautiful pages, incorporating picture my life cards and flip flaps in fun ways. 

Dana takes the Close To My Heart scrapbook kits and turns them into Interactive Works of Art including elevating them to WOW levels. She is the queen of glam in our circle!!

Holly takes the Close To My Heart cardmaking kits and does the same, showing you simple yet beautiful ways of elevating the artwork. She also teaches us a BONUS selection of cards. 
All 3 of us also come on Live to teach something fun, that may or may NOT be related to the Palooza!

How Can I Attend a Palooza?

That's easy. Simply purchase ANY of the supplies needed for ANY of the classes and that is your automatic invitation to the group. 

All supplies are listed at the first of the month in each of our Customer Groups on Facebook. 
If you are not a member, you can check it out here.
If you are a CTMH Maker, no problem. Instead, simply message me about joining the event.

What will I find in the Group?

We send out invitations to the group 1 week before the event start date. 
At that time you will find all needed cutting guides, agendas and pictures.  
We also start the FUN at that time too... lots of things that count towards prize drawings at the end of the event.... 9 drawings to be exact!!